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I know I have a bad credit score, but can someone approve a fast loan for me now?

Even with a poor credit score, there are lenders who are willing to reach out to you with a fast loan offer. The way to make a connection to a lender is by sending us your online inquiry form. When we get it, we’ll spread it around to our extensive list of lenders who are available to accept consumers with bad credit. We can’t give you the loan you need, but we will help you find a lender who can quickly process the urgent funds you require. Contact us for more details.

Why do people care so much about their credit score?

In case you ever want to ask for a loan or for credit, such as a credit card, your credit score can be checked. Your credit rating doesn’t only show what your credit is like now, but also your credit history. Before granting you credit or a new loan, a lender wants to know if you are good about paying back your loans or if you are already over-extended with too much debt. If a lender confirms that you have been a credit risk in the past, your loan terms might differ from a loan prepared for a consumer with good credit.

What does bad credit mean?

To find a consumer’s credit score, a standardized system called FICO is used. By using this system, a careful evaluation of a person’s past credit history, history of payments and current debt can be performed. After the analysis, FICO provides a numerical score. If the score turns out to be less than 620, the system would categorize that as a bad credit score. Many lenders will want to know this score to determine a person’s spending and payback habits. The higher the score, the better the loan terms will be.

Is the credit score so important?

The credit score is important when you are asking someone to extend credit to you. That person will want to know if you are in the habit of paying your bills on time or if you already owe too much money to others. If you have a great credit score, you would have a better chance of getting favorable payback terms. With a bad credit score, the lender must lessen risk of non-payment through more stringent payback terms.

Can people who have bad credit find help?

Yes of course! Just by asking friends, family members, work colleagues or online ads you can find someone to help you improve your payment and spending habits, so your credit score will improve. Go to someone who you feel like you can trust so you will take their advice and tips seriously.

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